13 мар 2012

PACTware Roadshow 2012 in UAE: Breaking down the barriers of proprietary configuration tools

The PACTware Multi-Vendor Demowall, demonstrating how commissioning, operation and maintenance can be optimized

After last years’ success, the 2012 PACTware Roadshow was present in the United Arab Emirates in centers of the oil & gas industry. Participants were trained in the fundamentals of this vendor-neutral and advanced configuration tool for field devices and network components. The roadshow offered a unique opportunity to draw together customers of different regions to share ideas and best practices that will help to improve their business performance.

The attendees learnt how PACTware and the related FDT/DTM technology provide access to device intelligence and how PACTware brings increased plant efficiency. In two workshops, the participants were trained how Pactware and the related DTMs increased the customer’s benefits during commissioning, operation and maintenance of a plant.  

There was an impressive interest at the stopovers in Abu Dhabi and Ruwais with several company representatives and with customers accross that region and neighboured countries. The keen interest made these Pactware event one of the most successful ever.

PACTware is an advanced configuration tool based on FDT technology, managing field devices and standardizing the data exchange communication interface between field devices and systems. Established as a universal, non-proprietary system, PACTware is independent from device manufacturer and allows any device to be accessed through any protocol. PACTware as an FDT frame application is indeed a truly vendor neutral and communication independent system that allows integration of expert applications from different field device manufacturers.

The PACTware Consortium is an international non-profit association comprised of the world’s leading companies in field and network instrumentation. The roadshow event was prepared and sponsored by some key companies of the PACTware Consortium: Bopp & Reuther, CodeWrights, FDT Group, Foxboro Eckardt, KROHNE, Pepperl+Fuchs, Samson, Tyco und VEGA.  As part of the roadshow event, the organizing companies presented their DTM based instruments and Pactware on table tops.

In several workshops, a live-operation multi-vendor demo wall featured numerous application examples, showing first-hand how commissioning, operation and maintenance can be considerably facilitated and speeded up using only one single tool for all communication and field devices via HART, PROFIBUS and FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocol. Several discussions made clear that PACTware is assessed as being on the right track breaking down the the barriers of proprietary configuration tools and delivering the true value of devices.


Компания KROHNE предлагает полный комплекс услуг по измерению расхода, массового расхода, уровня, давления и температуры технологических процессов, а также аналитические задачи в области измерительных технологий. Компания KROHNE, основанная в 1921 году в городе Дуйсбурге, Германия в настоящее время работает на всех континентах и насчитывает свыше 4000 сотрудников по всему миру. Компания KROHNE благодаря высочайшему качеству продукции и предоставляемых услуг и постоянным инновациям, завоевала прочную репутацию в отрасли измерительной техники промышленных процессов.


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